ClearVet™ CR

The ClearVet™ CR is a tabletop or Wall-Mounted unit (most popular) that utilizes patented True Flat Scan Path Technology. This patented technology is a touch-less scan mechanism that produces lifetime, artifact-free images. Other CR systems utilize roller based processing (ScanX, Idexx, Agfa, Fuji, etc...). Roller based systems actually remove the delicate, costly, phosphor plates from the cassette and run them through a ringer, much like an old washing machine, forcing them to bend.

In the competitor’s roller-based process, it’s a fact that not only do these systems have a significantly longer processing time, the images these systems produce will also have artifacts and the phosphor plates will degrade over time. The system’s ability to generate diagnostic images will be compromised and you’ll have to buy replacement phosphor plates.

The ClearVet™ CR plates are manufactured with embedded phosphor that never leaves the cassette and, the ClearVet™ True Flat Scan Path technology results in 300,000+ artifact-free images per cassette.

The ClearVet™CR features:

  • Patented True Flat Scan Path™ technology
    provides lifetime artifact-free digital images
  • The only wall mountable system
  • DICOM 3.0
Proudly Made in the U.S.A

Compare to the ClearVet™ DR
Compare to the ClearVet™ FP

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